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Chris and Doctor Don have been friends for over 10 years and while sharing stories over a few beers at a local bar, they decided to share with the world the craziness that they have experienced. The result is the 2 Guys In A Bar podcast. You can find them on here on Bangarangradio.com, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio.


Episode 40: Prisoner of Ass Cabin

Episode 39: I Don’t Want My Redwings!

Episode 38: Take Your Damn Shirt Off!

Episode 36: The Unintentional Audience

Episode 35: Spike My Panties Like A Football

Episode 34: Taydolf Swiftler

Episode 33: Good Luck With The Ass

Episode 32: The Brain Butthole Connection

Episode 31: After Hours

Episode 30: Black Market Divorce Insurance

Episode 29: Get “Em Gunslinger!

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