Big Daddy’s Rhythm Shack Ep. 4: Kev’s Top 10 Foreign Horror Films

Big Daddy's Rhythm Shack Ep. 4 300x300

Bangarang Radio Presents a spooky edition of, “Big Daddy’s Rhythm Shack”, hosted by, Kev Wright! On episode 4, Kev talks about his top 10 favorite foreign horror films. ‪#‎podcast‬ ‪#‎bangarangradio‬ ‪#‎horrorfilms‬

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The the trailers for Kev’s Top Ten Foreign Horror Films are below:         PORA MROKU          THE DEAD        THE DAY         THE DEAD OUTSIDE           RAMBOCK – SEIGE OF THE DEAD           REC          TROLL HUNTER        TROLL HUNTER CLIP            PANS LABRYNTH           LET THE RIGHT ONE IN          AUDITION

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