Big Daddy’s Rhythm Shack

Having no radio background, Kev Wright is a natural behind the microphone. Always the guest and never the host, Kev has turned into a podcast pro with his new show, “BIG DADDY’S RHYTHM SHACK,” a wild, quirky and witty departure from radio norm featuring discussions on Soul Food while playing the best in Soul Music, paying it forward as a lifelong musician by giving credit to original local music artists and bands, and future shows on Zombies, Authors, The best in Horror films, and special guest stars to talk about their chosen careers, all the while playing the wacky sponsors and crazy jingles he loved as a kid.  As one fan puts it, “Kev’s new show is the ultimate in entertainment for the not so ordinary.” Catch Kev’s brand new podcast, “Big Daddy’s Rhythm Shack” bi-weekly here on, iTunes, and Stitcher!

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