Jacques LaMore



Jacques LaMore is the creator of bangarangradio.com and has been an active member in the music industry for the past 12 years. From being lead singer and guitarist in pop-punk band, The Projection, to being a promoter, booking agent, merch manager, sound tech, and everything in between. Jacques’s brand new podcast, Pop-Punk & Pizza, premieres on Tues. Sept. 20th, 2016. He also works for a terrestrial radio broadcasting company in his hometown area of Kankakee, Illinois and graduated from Illinois Media School (Formally, Illinois Center For Broadcasting) in July 2015.

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Episodes of The Jacques LaMore Show (2014-2016):

Episode 25: Oceans Over Airplanes

Episode 24: Kyle Dee of The Fall Four

Episode 23: Marina City

Episode 22: Wolfbear Natural Comforts

Episode 21: Kev Wright

Episode 20: Greg Schneider

Episode 19: Tom Higgenson of Plain White T’s

Episode 18: Justin Conant

Episode 17: Farewell to The Projection

Episode 16: Metallica’s Black Album

Episode 15: Manteno Oktoberfest 2015

Episode 14: Jeff Givens and The Mugshot Saints

Episode 13: Back To The Future Part II

Episode 12: 2 Guys In A Bar

Episode 11: Liam McCormack of Yellowbirddd

Episode 10: Back To The Future Part I

Episode 9: The Projection

Episode 8: Josh LaMore

Episode 7: Gary Weissmann

Episode 6: Matt McWilliams

Episode 5: Sudden Suspension

Episode 4: Kyle Dee of The Fall Four

Episode 3: Kev Wright

Episode 2: Maud Adams of James Bond & Kyle Fasel of Real Friends

Episode 1: Justin Conant