Pop-Punk & Pizza #107: Vinnie Fiorello

I’ve been a fan of Less Than Jake since I was about eight or nine years old. Like many of us, they were one of the first ska punk bands that I ever heard. As I got older, I learned that not only was Vinnie Fiorello the drummer of the band, he was the main lyricist as well. When I began writing songs as a teenager, I often found inspiration from Less Than Jake’s songs. In fact, I wrote a song called, “Punk Rawk Girl”, that was modeled from the LTJ’s , “She’s Gonna Break Soon”.

Vinnie has always been someone I admired for his many artistic talents. When he left Less Than Jake in 2018, I was very curious to see what he would do next. He has continued to operate his indie label, Paper + Plastick, published a book of short stories called, “6/19”, and now has a new artistic ska punk project called, The Inevitables. Vinnie goes in depth on how The Inevitables came to life and much more on this episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza.

Learn more and back their Kickstart campaign here: http://kck.st/2ZXMWRT

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Jacques LaMore


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