Pop-Punk & Pizza #164: 10 Songs for April 2021

Royals. Photo by, LJR Photography.

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Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast #164: 10 Songs for April 2021

Hey! I hope you had a great Easter with the fam. I apologize that I’m posting this episode almost a week late. I had some issues with my power at home. We’re back up and running now!

Once a month, I update the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast Spotify Playlist with 10 songs I think you should give a listen to.

In no particular order, here’s, “10 Songs for April 2021”: Plus the Fan Favorite Song from March!

  1. “Worldwide Catastrophe” – Royals
  2. “Count To A Million” – 3dBs Down
  3. “Valerie Loves Me” – Take The Reins
  4. “As Good As It Gets” – Wolf Rd
  5. “No Filter” – Wild Truth
  6. “What We Want” – Flying Penguin
  7. “Light Me Up” – Crooked Teeth Ft. Talker
  8. “Dry Skin” – Sean D. Harper
  9. “Change Things” – Rivals Ft. Dutch Melrose
  10. “Here’s To Getting Old” – Almost Made The Mixtape

The Fan Favorite Song from March: “It Will Get Better” – Eddy and the Arsons

VOTE for your favorite song of the month on the Pop-Punk & Pizza Club Facebook Group. The song with the most votes stays on our Spotify playlist for another month. Just like, “It Will Get Better”, is staying on the list for the month of April.

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore


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