Pop-Punk & Pizza

Jacques LaMore is back to talk about his two favorite things, Pop-Punk & Pizza. The purpose of the show is to have different guests on from the pop-punk community to talk about the latest news in the genre, share their song of the week, all while enjoying some cheesy pies.

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Episodes of Pop-Punk & Pizza:

Episode 42: Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake

Episode 41: Kevin Singleton

Episode 40: Valentine’s Day 2018

Episode 39: 5 Bands That Should Reunite

Episode 38: Innocent Elaine

Episode 37: Warped Memories #2 w/FELICITY

Episode 36: From The Start

Episode 35: Best of 2017

Episode 34: Gallery-81

Episode 33: St. Jimmy

Episode 32: Warped Memories #1 w/Brett Buttle of The Projection

Episode 31: Joshua Long of Lightweights Part 2

Episode 31: Joshua Long of Lightweights Part 1

Episode 30: Farewell Warped Tour

Episode 29: Fastest Kid Alive

Episode 28: Night Terrors

Episode 27: Talk To You Never

Episode 26: Rebuild & Rebound

Episode 25: Goldfinger – The Knife

Episode 24: The Linden Method

Episode 23: Above The Mendoza

Episode 22: Backseat Pandas

Episode 21: Red Light Compliance

Episode 20: Carrying Torches

Episode 19: Guardrail

Episode 18: New Goldfinger Music

Episode 17: Get By

Episode 16: Counter Theory

Episode 15: Oceans Over Airplanes

Episode 14: Red Light Compliance

Episode 13: Carrying Torches

Episode 12: Drew Neely & The Heroes

Episode 11: Famous Last Words

Episode 10: Everyone Says

Episode 9: Gary Mastriano of Backyard Superheroes

Episode 8: Yellowcard in Chicago

Episode 7: Johnny Christmas of Reel Big Fish

Episode 6: Green Day in Chicago

Episode 5: Famous Last Words

Episode 4 Part 2: Sum 41’s 13 Voices

Episode 4 Part 1: Green Day’s Revolution Radio

Episode 3: Yellowcard Finale

Episode 2: LOUDERNOW

Episode 1: Jeremy Maurizi of Keep The Fight Alive