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Pop-Punk & Pizza #96: James VanOsdol

If you’re involved in the alternative rock scene in Chicago, there is a good chance you already know who James VanOsdol is or, have at least heard his name. Some know him as the host of the wonderful food and entertainment podcast, Car Con Carne. Others know James for being the host of local music radio show, Demo 312 on 101 WKQX Chicago. Regardless of if you know who James VanOsdol is or not (JVO for short), I think you will find this episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza entertaining. Today, we learn how he became, “The Voice”, of local rock music in Chicago and what some of his favorite pop punk albums are. James is a genuinely talented person. We are very lucky to have him in Chicago and in the podcasting world.


Jacques LaMore

JVO Links: 

Car Con Carne – http://carconcarne.com/

Demo312  on 101 WKQX – https://www.101wkqx.com/demo312/