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Pop-Punk & Pizza #157: 10 Songs for March 2021

Eddy and The Arsons from Chicago, IL.

This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is sponsored, rad-pop. records, out of Baltimore, Maryland.  Artists on their roster include The Great Heights BandThe Stifled, Follow Your Bliss, Taller Tales, One Life To Lead, and Origami Army. Go to radpoprecords.com to learn more. 

Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast #157: 10 Songs for March 2021

Hey! One day closer to spring time here in the middle of America. Doesn’t it feel good?

Once a month, I update the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast Spotify Playlist with 10 songs I think you should give a listen to.

In no particular order, “10 Songs for March 2021″: Plus, the Fan Favorite Song from February!

  1. “It Will Get Better” – Eddy and The Arsons
  2. “Anybody But me” – Dial Denial
  3. “What’s Left Of Me” – Wes Hoffman
  4. “Somebody”- Rushing Spring
  5. “Magically Delicious” – The Cereal Killers
  6. “Frantic” – Andy B and The World
  7. “Hindsight” – House Parties
  8. “Caught Up” – Nude Shoes
  9. “Untaken” – Cleveland Avenue
  10. “Held Down” – Rundown Kreeps

The Fan Favorite Song from February: “Mood” – Fluorescents

VOTE for your favorite song of the month on the Pop-Punk & Pizza Club Facebook Group. The song with the most votes stays on our Spotify playlist for another month. Just like, “Mood”, is staying on the list for the month of March.

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

Pop-Punk & Pizza #98: 10 Songs for July 2020

Kailynn West of Tiny Stills.

Hi, all! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day and Fourth of July. My three year old son watched fireworks for the very first time in person and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

It’s the beginning of the month so, it’s time to revamp our Spotify playlist! I must say, I think this is my favorite, “10 Songs”, episode that I’ve done so far. I’m always blown by how much amazing independent music there is in the world. Also, for the very first time, a cover song is included on this month’s list. Enjoy!

10 Songs for July 2020: 

  1. “Paper Roses” – Honey Creek
  2. “Let Go” – The Fallaways
  3. “True Love Is Not Just A Pizza Tattoo” – Cleveland Avenue
  4. “Confession Obsession” – Kill Lincoln
  5. “The Kids Aren’t Alright” – Miss Fortune
  6. “Paris in 39” – The Midnight Echo
  7. “Craigslist Bed” – Tiny Stills
  8. “Masterpiece” – Winona Avenue
  9. “Teacher’s Pet” – Melody
  10. “The Grind” – Panic Problem

Also, I made a playlist of all ten songs you can listen to on Spotify:

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Much Love,

Jacques LaMore