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Pop-Punk & Pizza Episodes Delayed Until Nov. 10th

Hey! I hope you had a great Halloween. Due to unfortunate events, there will NOT be any new episodes of Pop-Punk & Pizza podcast this week. If it all goes planned, the “10 Songs for November 2020” episode will be released on Tuesday, November 10th. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding. Listen above for a more detailed explanation. I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. Unless something else comes up, I’ll talk to you next week!

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

P.S. Thank you to everyone who bought limited edition Halloween merch! It should be shipped out soon.

Pop-Punk & Pizza #87: Best Quarantine Songs

Artwork from Green Day’s, “21st Century Breakdown”.

In January of 2020, I announced I would be taking a hiatus from the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast due to mental health reasons. I never gave a return date. In fact, I said it would most likely be a long time. With everything going on in the world right now, I decided to end my hiatus much sooner and come back to the podcast. I’m not feeling 100 percent quite yet, but I do feel much better. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have supported me through these rough times recently. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life and I’m very grateful for you!

This episode is from Sunday, March 24th, 2020. It was recorded during a live stream on Facebook where we talked about the best songs to listen to during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also featured in the podcast are phone calls from Eddy Larson of Eddy and The Arsons, Jake Vaughn, and music producer/engineer, Enoch Jensen.

Thank you again for your continued support of the podcast. I’m so happy to be back with you all. Hope and hygiene are going to get us through this pandemic together. We got this!


Jacques LaMore