Creepshow Horror Club Ep. 7: Columbine Part 1

Columbine 1: Odd Ball Fantasies Gary and Mark talk all about Eric and Dylan’s past, their weirdo characteristics, and about their awful homemade movie they made for school.

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of “frickin’ hecks”

Creepshow Horror Club Ep. 6: Urban Legends

Another Minisode this week on Creepshow Horror Club! Mark tells you all about urban legends, their ridiculous back stories, and even shares a childhood ruining urban legend regarding a children’s classic! Enjoy!

Creepshow Horror Club Ep. 5: Death Row Final Meals

On this episode, the boys discuss some of the most prolific serial killers last meal requests, last quotes, and even talk about a botched execution. Spoiler alert: murderers LOVE pizza.


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Creepshow Horror Club Ep. 4: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 2

Gary and Mark Weissmann dive deep into the world of, The Yorkshire Ripper. This is part two of a two part series.

Part one can be found at here:


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