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Pop-Punk & Pizza #91: Dev & Pat Parker of Til Morning

The first time I met Devin and Patrick Parker was when they performed a few acoustic songs on the podcast under the name, Parker, in December of 2018. I was quickly roped in with their simple, but emotionally powerful songwriting methods. It’s a style you can instantly connect with in a heartfelt way. Their latest single, “Okay”, under new band name, Til Morning, proves they are taking their songwriting skills to new heights. It’s an anthemic, life-affirming sing-along custom-made for the sunnier days ahead. On this episode, we get a peak into the new era of The Parker Brothers and what lies ahead for Til Morning. I thoroughly believe in this band and their music. They are true to the core. You will not regret supporting them.


Jacques LaMore

Directed, Filmed and Edited by, Bryan Buchelt of Snaproll Studios.

Official Website: www.tilmorning.net