Pop-Punk & Pizza Ep. 26: Rebuild & Rebound

Christian Danner and Jake Brown of Northwest Indiana’s, Rebuild & Rebound, join the podcast to promote their latest EP, “The After Party”.

Jacques also announces the Green Day tribute band he plays in called, St. Jimmy, has an all ages show coming up Sunday, August 20th, at BaseCamp Pub & Eatery in Lisle, IL. Buy tickets HERE

Pop-Punk Picks of The Week:

“The Life of Living With Regret”El Famous


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Pop-Punk & Pizza Ep. 3: Yellowcard Finale


Bangarang Radio Presents: Episode 3 of, Pop Punk & Pizza! Hosted by, Jacques LaMore. Special Guests, Kevin Andrew of El Famous and Guardrail. On this episode, we review Yellowcard’s final album and more!

Pop-Punk Picks of The Week: Guardrail “Miserable” and Masked Intruder “If Only”.

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Jacques LaMore Ep. 16: Metallica’s Black Album

Jacques LaMore Ep. 16 300x300 2On this episode of, Jacques LaMore, author, lecturer, and cultural critic, David Masciotra, stops by to talk about his upcoming book all about Metallica’s “Black Album”, which is number 108 in the 33 1/3 series by Bloomsbury Publishing. David shares rare behind the scenes stories on Metallica’s 1991 masterpiece with Jacques and also plays a few songs from the album. FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: El Famous

Purchase “Metallica” by, David Masciotra, by clicking HERE.

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Bangarang Ep #6: Matt McWilliams

Bangarang Ep. 6 Photo


Bangarang Ep. #6, I sit down with my best friend, Matt McWilliams, a live sound engineer for a company called, Sound Works Productions, in Frankfort, IL. Matt and I talk about the worst and best artists he has mixed sound for, cymbals lighting on fire, you know, normal stuff. Also, a movie review of, The Maze Runner, with Justin Conant. Featured Artist of The Week, El Famous, and more!

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