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Pop-Punk & Pizza #92: 10 Songs for May 2020

Devin Parker of Til Morning. Photo by, Bryan Buchelt.

10 Songs for May 2020: (In no particular order.)

  1. “Okay” – Til Morning
  2. “Redcard” – High Wire
  3.  “Ceiling” – When The Sun Sets
  4.  “Dragged Across The Finish Line” – Sincere Engineer
  5.  “Crazy” – Una Jensen
  6. “86” – Love Again
  7.  “See You Soon” – Hangtime
  8.  “Sweathogg” – Head Honcho
  9.  “Old School Blues” – Desk Job
  10.  “Belly-Up” & “We Made It To A Minute” – Guardrail

Also, I made a playlist of all ten songs you can listen to on Spotify:


Jacques LaMore

Pop-Punk & Pizza #79: PJ Heckinger of Head Honcho

This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is all about catching up with an old music friend from the “Myspace” era of the scene. We originally met around 2005 when he was in a band called, The Moment, from Rockford, IL. Now, PJ Heckinger, is the lead vocalist of Northwest Pacific punk band, Head Honcho!


Head Honcho: https://headhonchomusic.bandcamp.com/

The Moment: https://myspace.com/soundofthemoment/

-Jacques LaMore