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Pop-Punk & Pizza #97: Franky Tsoukalas & Jevin Kaye of Much The Same

It was just last August when I discovered Chicago skate punkers, Much The Same, at 350 Fest in Tinley Park, IL. They were the perfect band to warm the crowd up for, The Mengziners, who would play later that evening. Most everyone in the crowd seemed to know who Much The Same was and sang along to the quick paced anthems. I was standing in front of the stage, to the right side, near the bassist, Franky Tsoukalas. I enjoyed the energy he brought to the band’s set that day. He seemed like he would be a cool guy to talk to. After their set, I made a mental note to add, Much The Same, to my list of possible podcasts guests. Now, almost a year later, here we are! Talking to Franky, joined by drummer, Jevin Kaye. On this episode, we talk about the band’s return after hanging it up in 2007 plus, the vinyl release of their debut album, “Quitters Never Win“.

To purchase your vinyl copy of Much The Same’s debut album, “Quitters Never Win”, visit: https://muchthesame.com/

On another note, Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast, will be celebrating the release of it’s 100th episode next month. I’m asking avid listeners and previous guests to share their favorite memories of the podcast or questions for me via voicemail at 312.529.0335. If you prefer to record a voice memo on your phone, you can do that to! Just e-mail it to: bangarangradio@gmail.com. I will comb through all the recordings and play them back on a special episode of the podcast. Thank you for all the love and support!


Jacques LaMore