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Pop-Punk & Pizza #173: Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake & Wring Out


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Tyler Posey with Rock Bottom at the Renaissance author, Mike Henneberger.

Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast #173: Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake & Wring Out

Starting today, we’re going to try something a little different on the podcast! Instead of having just one guest per episode, we will now have TWO guests per episode. I hope you’re cool with that! I’m pretty excited about this new format and I hope you are too.

Our first guests on the show today are Cameron and Drew of Virginia Beach pop punk band, Wring Out. The band has been hard at work perfecting their craft of, “Heavy Handed Pop Punk”. We talk about their latest single, “I Tap 2 and Cast Counterspell”, which packs quite a punch.

Returning to the podcast for the second time is Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake! Chris first appeared on the show in the winter of 2018 and a lot has changed for him since then. He now hosts a podcast about songwriting called, Chris DeMakes A Podcast, and has released some incredible solo songs through, SmartPunk Records. His most recent single, “Father Time”, is the first time he has ever written a song about this father. As Chris explains in the episode, all of these songs are to help promote his book, “Blast From The Past”. I highly suggest picking up a copy. Especially if you’re a hardcore LTJ fan.


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Jacques LaMore


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Pop-Punk & Pizza #121: Loren Israel

One of my top ten favorite albums of all time is, “Bleed American”, by Jimmy Eat World. In my eyes, it’s a masterpiece. So when I learned that producer/A&R executive, Loren Israel, was apart of that album, I had to talk to him. Not only did Israel help develop Jimmy Eat World, he also worked with Less Than Jake, Plain White T’s, and Neon Trees. On this episode, Loren and I talk about his days at Capital Records, singles versus albums, songwriting, and more. I gained a new perspective on somethings after talking with, Loren. I learned some new things as well.

Loren still follows his passion of developing artists. If you’re interested in any of his consulting services, send him an email: lorenisrael@gmail.com.

-Jacques LaMore

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #107: Vinnie Fiorello

I’ve been a fan of Less Than Jake since I was about eight or nine years old. Like many of us, they were one of the first ska punk bands that I ever heard. As I got older, I learned that not only was Vinnie Fiorello the drummer of the band, he was the main lyricist as well. When I began writing songs as a teenager, I often found inspiration from Less Than Jake’s songs. In fact, I wrote a song called, “Punk Rawk Girl”, that was modeled from the LTJ’s , “She’s Gonna Break Soon”.

Vinnie has always been someone I admired for his many artistic talents. When he left Less Than Jake in 2018, I was very curious to see what he would do next. He has continued to operate his indie label, Paper + Plastick, published a book of short stories called, “6/19”, and now has a new artistic ska punk project called, The Inevitables. Vinnie goes in depth on how The Inevitables came to life and much more on this episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza.

Learn more and back their Kickstart campaign here: http://kck.st/2ZXMWRT

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #93: Jake Marquis of Sleep On It

Photo by, Haley Mewborn, HNM Creative.

Chicago’s Sleep On It was about 10 dates into their, “Pride & Disaster Tour”, when the whole country began locking down because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Guitarist and vocalist, Jake Marquis, explains what that was like for the band at the time and also what they’ve been up to since the lockdown began in mid-March. I’ve always thought Jake was a genuinely cool guy and he proves that in our conversation. We touch on lighter topics as well including movies, fitness, food and of course, music. Jake also explains what the writing and recording process was like for their most recent album, “Pride & Disaster.” By the way, Sleep On It’s lead vocalist, Zech Pluister, chimes in on the conversation a little too!

Sleep On It’s latest single, “Stay At Home”. They will be donating money from streaming to The World Health Organization.

Stay up to date on everything Sleep On It related here: https://www.sleeponitband.com/

Also on this episode, I’m very excited to share a rejuvenated version of the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast theme song, re-recorded by, Chris DeMakes, of Less Than Jake! LTJ is one of my biggest influences of all time and I’m very grateful that Chris was down to re-record the theme song for me. If you want a custom song recorded by Chris, you can reach him at his social media links below:

Photo by, Sabrina Leviton.




Jacques LaMore

Pop Punk & Pizza #48: August 6th, 2018

The final cross country version of the Vans Warped Tour just finished up yesterday, August 5th, 2018. This episode is a look back at some of the Warped Memories we’ve shared on the podcast. Featuring, Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake, and members of Felicity, and The Projection. Also, music from Invade The Arcade (UK). Hosted by, Jacques LaMore.

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #42: Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake

Chris Demakes of legendary ska/punk band, Less Than Jake, joins the podcast to answer fan questions, talk Vans Warped Tour memories, and more. It was an honor to have you on the podcast, Chris. LTJ has always been one of my biggest musical inspirations! Photo of Chris is by, Sabrina Leviton. –Jacques LaMore

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