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Pop-Punk & Pizza #125: Marc Juliano of Goalkeeper

“Happy”, by Goalkeeper, is easily one of the best pop punk songs of 2020. At least, in my opinion it is. A majority of you thought so too! It was voted, “Favorite Song of The Month”, from October’s Pop-Punk & Pizza Spotify playlist. It’s a monthly poll we conduct in the Pop-Punk & Pizza Community Facebook Group. The song with the most votes stays on the playlist for another month. Since, Goalkeeper, won the title, I thought it was only fitting to have them on the podcast. Guitarist, Marc Juliano and I had a great conversation about growing up in Philadelphia, and how, “Happy”, was crafted. I don’t want to spoil the story completely, but it does have something to do with the band, Hit The Lights. Marc, thanks so much for being on the podcast! You’re a great dude and I’m grateful for your time and talents.

Goalkeeper’s debut EP, “Life In Slow Motion”, is out now and available everywhere via Lost Music Collective.

Stream it on Spotify HERE.

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore