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Pop-Punk & Pizza #113: Mike Henneberger

Back in May of this year, I received an Instagram message from a guy with the username, “mikeyleerock”. He said he wanted to send me a copy of his book about his struggle with mental health. I’m also a person who struggles with mental health. Who doesn’t, right? So, I’m told him yes and sent him my address. Three to Five days go by and I received the book in the mail. I open the book and found a hand written message inside. The simple note meant a lot to me and I decided to give the book a read. I found it to be very interesting and somewhat relatable to some of my depression problems. Also what was cool about it was the fact that almost every chapter showcased an emo/pop punk song from a well known band. I had never seen that in a memoir before. It was unique. Now, it’s September and I’m finally getting around to talking to the author, Mike Henneberger. The Book? “Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: An Emo Kid’s Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love In and With New York City.”  

If you’re a fan of Bayside, The Dangerous Summer, Dashboard Confessional, and Alkaline Trio, you’ll love this book. The book mirrors perfectly with songs by those bands and several others in the pop punk/emo scene.

To get a copy of, “Rock Bottom at the Renaissance”, go here: www.rockbottombook.com

You can follow author, Mike Henneberger, on Facebook and Instagram: @abergerjoint

Thanks for opening up to me about your mental health struggles, Mike. It means more than you know. You’re doing great things to spread awareness about the subject and I fully support it!

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

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