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Pop-Punk & Pizza #85: The Last Scene Documentary

Was the punk and emo wave in the late 1990s and early 2000s really, “The Last Scene”? There are many who consider it to be the last new thing given to us in rock music. On this episode director, Kyle Kilday, explains why his new documentary about that massive underground music movement is called, “The Last Scene”.

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #81: Reed Wolcott of We Are The Union

Photo by: Vin Crescenzo

Not only is Reed Wolcott the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for We Are The Union, he also works for the legendary ska/punk bands, Goldfinger, Five Iron Frenzy, and more. Reed had some great stories to tell. I hope you enjoy them!

Music featured on this episode:

“Stability” Lightweights: https://lightweightschi.bandcamp.com

“Daydreams” Television Supervision: https://youtu.be/ubFa2ltK9Ws

“Traffic” Green Knuckle Material: https://greenknucklematerial.weebly.com


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