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Brian Fallon “Sleepwalkers” Album Review

Brian Fallon starts off his album, “Sleepwalkers”, with a very swingy song “If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven”. This song sets the tone for the whole album and gives off a slight Motown type rhythm. Brian follows this song with his initial single released off this album, “Forget Me Not”, which is one of my personal favorites off this album. I would recommend this album for anyone who enjoys albums like, The killers, “Sam’s Town”, Vampire Weekend, “Modern Vampires of the City”, or realistically anything from, The Gaslight Anthem. The fourth song on the album entitled, “Etta James”, slows the album down a little bit but makes you wanna grab the closest person and slow dance. From start to finish this album is very well written and you can just feel the emotion in every song, this is the type of album you just throw on and drive until it’s finished. I throughly enjoyed  the musicianship and song writing through this whole album. I don’t think we appreciate Brian Fallon enough as a singer/songwriter. I give this album 4.5 out of 5 pizza slices.

Album Review By,

James Volz