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Pop Punk & Pizza #39: 5 Bands That Should Reunite

Jacques shares with you 5 bands that he would like to see reunite!

In no particular order:

  1. Sugarcult“Stuck In America”
  2. Midtown“Like A Movie”
  3. Something Corporate“I Woke Up In A Car”
  4. Jeffries Fan Club“One More Time”
  5. My Chemical Romance“Famous Last Words”

(Other bands I almost put on the list are Yellowcard and Motion City Soundtrack. I didn’t put them in this list because I know they just recently broke up in the last few years.)

Also music from:

The Projection“Late Night in Logan Square”

Came Out Swingin’“Hometown”

The Follow Ups“The Half of It”

Idleminds“Brick By Brick”

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