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Pop-Punk & Pizza #99: Tahlena Chikami of Bite Me Bambi

Tahlena Chikami of Bite Me Bambi. Photo by, Red Def Photography.

Hey, I hope you’re having a great week! So, last week on the Pop-Punk & Pizza social media pages I made a post saying I needed to have more female guests on the podcast. One of the first women I thought of was, Tahlena Chikami, lead vocalist, of ska punk band, Bite Me Bambi. I’ve been hooked on their single, “Hot Lava”, ever since it was introduced to me earlier this year. After reading up on Tahlena a little, I thought to myself, “She would be fun to talk to!”, and she was. Thank you for your time, Tahlena!


Jacques LaMore

Bite Me Bambi’s official website: www.bitemebambi.com