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Pop-Punk & Pizza #147: 10 Songs for February 2021

Oceandvst, from Greece.

This episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza is sponsored by Chicago alternative rock band Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits and their upcoming single, “Eight46”, dropping this Friday, February 5th.

#147: 10 Songs for February 2021

Yo! How’s it going? If you live in the middle of America like me, you’ve been dealing with lots of snow. I enjoy it though. It’s always fun to pretend to be a kid again and play in the snow with me son. Regardless of what the weather is like where you’re at, I hope you’re doing well.

Once a month, I update the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast Spotify Playlist with 10 songs I think you should give a listen to.

In no particular order, “10 Songs for February 2021″: Plus, the Fan Favorite Song from January!

  1. “The Risk” – Oceandvst
  2. “Fool’s Gold” – Four Stars
  3. “Still Wander” – The Young Hearts
  4. “Grim Reaper” – A Few Good Losers
  5. “My Mom’s On OnlyFans” – Dead Bundy
  6. “Older Nights” – Ink4Ivy
  7. “El Camino” – Not My Weekend
  8. “Mood” – Fluorescents
  9. “Chokehold” (Get Out, Goodbye, Good Luck) – The Carolyn
  10. “Sunshine” – Catnip Kaiser

The Fan Favorite Song from January: “Haunt” – Two Eyes Open

VOTE for your favorite song of the month on the Pop-Punk & Pizza Club Facebook Group. The song with the most votes stays on our Spotify playlist for another month. Just like, “Haunt”, is staying on the list for the month of February.

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

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