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Pop-Punk & Pizza #104: Jake Newling of Joyful

I can’t imagine what it must be like to start up a brand new band right before a pandemic hits. I’m sure joyful. of Chicago is not the only band that is experiencing this right now. At least it hasn’t stopped the new pop rock trio from releasing new music. Joyful’s latest single, “Pilot Light”, continues to showcase the band’s strong songwriting skills. Drummer, Jake Newling, tells me how the band and song came to be! Plus, we talk about his funny TikTok videos and his other band, Tiny Kingdoms. Great to catch up with you, Jake!

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Jacques LaMore

Pop-Punk & Pizza #95: 10 Songs for June 2020

Weigh The Anchor. Photo by, Quade Beltran.

Hey there! Time once again for another “10 Songs” episode. I really enjoy doing these episodes because it gives me a chance to promote awesome DIY music from around the world. Share this episode and playlist with your friends. You never know when you’re going to find your next, “Favorite band”. It could very well be from this episode of, Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast!

10 Songs for June 2020: (In no particular order.)

1. “Dead Friends” – Honestly, Anywhere

2. “Forget About It” – Go For Gold

3. “Daydream” – Tiny Kingdoms

4. “What You Burn” – Call Me Malcolm

5. “Southside Serenade” – Lights Over Bridgeport

6. “Last Shot” – Kowloon Bay

7. “Light” – Commonwealth Choir

8. “Cold Again” – Right On, Kid

9. “Head Rush” – Ivypaint

10. “Abrasive” – Weigh The Anchor

Also, I made a playlist of all ten songs you can listen to on Spotify:

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Jacques LaMore

Pop-Punk & Pizza #72: Snuzfest 2019

Kevin Andrew of Guardrail joins the podcast to discuss each band that is playing Snuzfest 2019 at Schubas in Chicago, this Sunday, January 13th! Lineup includes: Guardrail, The Blamed, Makena, Tiny Kingdoms, The Linden Method, The Flips, A Better Hand, Erabella, Butchered, and Action/Adventure. Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast is proud to be hosting once again this year! BUY TICKETS HERE


Pop Punk & Pizza #59: Jake & Nick of Tiny Kingdoms

Drummer, Jake Newling, and bassist, Nick Collis, of Chicago alternative rock band, Tiny Kingdoms, come down to the Bangarang Radio studio to eat pizza, talk classic cartoons, glockenspiels, and their latest EP ‘Realms’. Hosted by, Jacques LaMore.

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