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We Were Sharks “Lost Touch” Album Review

We Were Sharks latest album, “Lost Touch”,  is a definite pop punk throw back once you initially listen to this album you get this immediate feeling of New Found Glory and a complete throw back to Drive Thru Records. This album from start to finish flows beautifully and I find myself listening to this album without skipping one song. The album opens up with a heavy hitting ballad, “Beyond Repair”, which was the initial release off this album, which in my opinion was the perfect song to release as a single because it leaves you wanting more. The fifth song on the album is titled,  “Stay”, and to me this song kind of serves as the anthem for the album and was perfectly placed. I had been anticipating this album for months since the release of, “Beyond Repair”, and it absolutely delivered. My only two problems with this album are that it was not long enough and that they release 4 of the songs off the album before the release of the album leaving some of the album less of a surprise. I give this album four out of five pizza slices. 

Album Review By,

James Volz