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Pop-Punk & Pizza #135: Erick Droegmoeller & Vinnie Fiorello of Lost Music Collective

You may have read, heard, or seen the name, Lost Music Collective, floating around in the pop-punk scene the last year or so. What is it? I had the same question when I first saw the name. I eventually learned that it’s a new record label run by, Erick Droegmoeller and Vinnie Fiorello. Erick is known for his management company, Word Is Bond.  Vinnie, famous for being a co-founding member of Less Than Jake, left the band in 2018. However, he still runs Paper + Plastick Records and has a new band called, The Inevitables. Both Erick and Vinnie sat down with me just after Thanksgiving via Zoom to talk about how they came together to form Lost Music Collective and what their overall mission is for the label. So far, they have recruited some impressive young bands to their roster including, Goalkeeper, Rival Town, Rematch, and Yearbooks.

Lost Music Collective’s first vinyl release is available for pre-order now:









Goalkeeper – “Graveyard”
Yearbooks – “I Don’t Think You’re Okay Anymore”
Who Saves The Hero? – “Days”
Rival Town – “The One Who Pushed”
Rematch – “Words That Rhyme With Liar”
When the Sun Sets – “Sunflower”
Hometruths – “ Shimmers”
FRND CRCL – “Joyride 2.0”

Click here to order your copy!

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Jacques LaMore

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Pop-Punk & Pizza #107: Vinnie Fiorello

I’ve been a fan of Less Than Jake since I was about eight or nine years old. Like many of us, they were one of the first ska punk bands that I ever heard. As I got older, I learned that not only was Vinnie Fiorello the drummer of the band, he was the main lyricist as well. When I began writing songs as a teenager, I often found inspiration from Less Than Jake’s songs. In fact, I wrote a song called, “Punk Rawk Girl”, that was modeled from the LTJ’s , “She’s Gonna Break Soon”.

Vinnie has always been someone I admired for his many artistic talents. When he left Less Than Jake in 2018, I was very curious to see what he would do next. He has continued to operate his indie label, Paper + Plastick, published a book of short stories called, “6/19”, and now has a new artistic ska punk project called, The Inevitables. Vinnie goes in depth on how The Inevitables came to life and much more on this episode of Pop-Punk & Pizza.

Learn more and back their Kickstart campaign here: http://kck.st/2ZXMWRT

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