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Pop-Punk & Pizza #95: 10 Songs for June 2020

Weigh The Anchor. Photo by, Quade Beltran.

Hey there! Time once again for another “10 Songs” episode. I really enjoy doing these episodes because it gives me a chance to promote awesome DIY music from around the world. Share this episode and playlist with your friends. You never know when you’re going to find your next, “Favorite band”. It could very well be from this episode of, Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast!

10 Songs for June 2020: (In no particular order.)

1. “Dead Friends” – Honestly, Anywhere

2. “Forget About It” – Go For Gold

3. “Daydream” – Tiny Kingdoms

4. “What You Burn” – Call Me Malcolm

5. “Southside Serenade” – Lights Over Bridgeport

6. “Last Shot” – Kowloon Bay

7. “Light” – Commonwealth Choir

8. “Cold Again” – Right On, Kid

9. “Head Rush” – Ivypaint

10. “Abrasive” – Weigh The Anchor

Also, I made a playlist of all ten songs you can listen to on Spotify:

Much Love,

Jacques LaMore

Pop-Punk & Pizza #94: Andrew Zamora of Weigh The Anchor

Photo by, Quade Beltran.

What do you do when times get extremely tough? You write emotionally powerful songs about those terrible life experiences. That’s exactly what, Andrew Zamora, and the rest of the gang in Ontario, Canada’s energetic pop punk band, Weigh The Anchor, have done with their latest single, “Medicate”.  I was grateful to have talked with Zamora about what the song means to him and about how making wrong turns in life can still lead you in the right direction. This is only the second time I’ve chatted with a band from another country. It made me realize I need to do that more often on the podcast. Enjoy!

“Medicate” – Weigh The Anchor (Official Video): Produced by, Andrew Zamora.


Jacques LaMore