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Pop-Punk & Pizza Ep. 8: Yellowcard in Chicago


Bangarang Radio Presents: Pop-Punk & Pizza Episode 8! On this episode, Jacques talks about Yellowcard’s final show in Chicago.

Pop-Punk Picks of the Week:My Fault” by, Backyard Superheroes and

“American Pop-Punk” by, Everyone Says.

Pop-Punk & Pizza Ep. 3: Yellowcard Finale


Bangarang Radio Presents: Episode 3 of, Pop Punk & Pizza! Hosted by, Jacques LaMore. Special Guests, Kevin Andrew of El Famous and Guardrail. On this episode, we review Yellowcard’s final album and more!

Pop-Punk Picks of The Week: Guardrail “Miserable” and Masked Intruder “If Only”.

Listen to the podcast version above or watch the YouTube version below: